5 Best Touch Screen & Texting Gloves for Hunting

Touch Screen & Texting Gloves for HuntingIf you enjoy hunting, you know that often the best times to hunt are when the weather is less than ideal. It may be chilly or downright freezing. The best solution to keep your hands warm is to wear gloves. However, there are two challenges that occur. First, your gloves need to keep your hands warm while also allowing the flexibility needed to operate your gun and other hunting equipment. But you also may be using equipment with touch screens like GPS or your cell phone, and regular gloves just won’t cut it. So now you’re stuck looking for hunting gloves for touch screen phones. We’ve done the hard work for you and found the best texting gloves for hunting currently available on the market.

We looked for gloves that are touch screen compatible and also offered features hunters enjoy, like scent control, camo prints, and flexibility in the fingers. The majority of the gloves on the market for hunting are for men (or unisex) but we have also included links to women’s hunting gloves when the company makes two versions of the same glove.

Best Texting Gloves for Hunting

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Touch Screen Gloves

These gloves are some of the best currently on the market if you’re looking for touch screen hunting gloves. These gloves are great for for keeping your hands toasty while keeping you connected in cold weather. The PrimaLoft insulation is lightweight while providing extra warm and waterproof against inclimate weather. These gloves work with smartphones, tablets, touch screen GPS, and other electronics.

These machine-washable shooting gloves feature silicone grips on the palm to keep your gun or phone safely in hand. Made with Under Armour Scent Control Technology, designed to absorb human odor, you won’t tip off the animals you’re hunting. These gloves are comfortable too, with four-direction stretch so they won’t restrict your movement when you aim and fire. To add to your comfort, these gloves also feature micro-wick technology to keep your hands dry and comfortable.

Sizes: Small/Medium, Medium, X-Large

Colors: Black, Realtree Camo

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Speed Freek Texting Gloves for Hunting

These gloves have tons of features hunters love. The first is the touch screen compatible fingertips that work with phones and tablets. They also feature ColdGear Infrared technology which absorbs and retains your body heat, which helps keep you warmer. They also use Under Armour Scent control technology to suppress odors so you’re less detectable to the animals you’re hunting.

Other hunter-friendly features include slip-on neoprene cuffs and a silicone printed palm to give you extra grip. With four different camouflage options, you’re sure to find one that works for where you hunt. Reviewers say the glove is snug when it first arrives, but it breaks in quickly for a comfortable fit. These gloves are good for colder weather, but may not be good for below 20F.

If you’re looking for a similar glove that will fit a woman, check out the Under Armour Women’s Scent Control Liner Gloves.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Available Colors: realtree, ridge reaper camouflage, ridge reaper camo and hearthstone

North Mountain Gear Camouflage Hunting Texting Gloves

If you’re looking for some affordable hunting gloves for touch screen phones, check out these tech gloves from North Mountain Gear. These cheap gloves are great for early season hunting and the spring and fall turkey season. The thumb and forefinger are compatible with touch screens and the palm is rubberized to give you a good grip on your gun, knife, or phone.

These gloves are not insulated, so you may need to add a liner if you plan to wear them in super cold weather. One upside is that since they aren’t insulated your hands won’t get very hot while you’re wearing them. These gloves feature a 1 3/4″ extended cuff to keep your wrists warm and keep debris, dirt, and other stuff from creeping inside.

One size fits most.

Available Colors: brown camo, green camo

SPIKA Camouflage Touchscreen Hunting Gloves

For early fall hunting, these camo gloves from SPIKA are a great choice. They are on the thinner side but offer a fingerless glove or a full-finger smartphone-compatible option.
The palm features anti-slip silicone so you can keep a good handle on your gun or your phone. The velcro adjustable wrist helps you stay warm and keep your gloves comfortably on. Some hunters pair these gloves with a liner on cold mornings when they need extra warmth.

Available in a variety of camo styles.

Sizes: small, medium, large, x-large

Allen Jersey Touchscreen Hunting Gloves

If you need a lightweight glove to keep you warm and connected while you hunt, check out these comfy gloves. These touchscreen hunting gloves from Allen Jersey are perfect for those chilly days where you only need lightweight coverage. The fabric is breathable so your hands won’t get sweaty while you line up the perfect shot. The palm is reinforced with a dot grip to make it easy to keep your rifle and your smartphone in hand. Stay connected or take a photo of your kill thanks to the touchscreen compatible fingertips. The extra long cuffs keep your wrists covered and fit snuggly under your jacket.

Available in one size in a Mossy Oak Break-Up County camo.

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If you have a hard time using your phone while wearing gloves, consider these convertible texting mittens. If you work outdoors or do a lot of landscaping, check out these touchscreen gloves for gardening. If you love to ride your Harley, check out these motorcycle gloves for men. If you’re more interested in fashion than functionality, check out these camo touch screen gloves.