6 Best Touchscreen Gloves for Gardening and Landscaping

Best Touchscreen Gloves for Gardening and LandscapingThis is one of those items that you don’t realize you need it until you find out it exists. It’s a perfect combination: gardening gloves and touchscreen compatibility. It’s such a hassle when you’re working in your yard and your cell phone buzzes and you have to take off your gloves to answer it. Or if you’re an Instagram addict and you want to snap a quick picture of a butterfly on your flowers or your new vegetable garden. Add some simplicity to your life and your workflow with these touchscreen work gloves made specifically for gardening and landscaping.

We looked for gloves that not only protect your hands from dirt and repetitive tool use but also provide good dexterity for using touchscreen devices while you wear them. You may have to sacrifice glove thickness for dexterity and vice versa, but there should be a pair of gloves on this list for every type of gardener.

Best Touchscreen Gardening Gloves

OZERO Touchscreen Work Gloves

Go from gardening, to yard work, to texting without taking these gloves off once. The micro-elastic fabric on the back is comfortable and breathable for all day work. Because they’re touchscreen compatible you can swipe, tap, and text with ease while wearing these landscaping gloves. The deerskin palm makes sure your devices stay safely in hand. These durable gloves are machine washable and perfect to help protect your green thumb while keeping you connected. Use these gloves for gardening, yard work, or any other handy work around the house.

Machine washable, line dry.

Sizes Available: small, medium, large, x-large

Colors Available: gray, orange/gray, yellow/gray

Scotts Hi-Dex Landscaping Touchscreen Gloves

If you’re looking for the best gloves for yard work, you should consider the Scotts Hi-Dex Gloves. These touch compatible gloves are made with a synthetic leather black grip palm with two finger technology so you can use your touchscreen devices without taking them off. The form-fitting spandex tan back makes them comfortable for long wear periods. These gloves are great for protecting your hands while weeding or planting in your garden and are also sturdy enough for heavier yard work like clearing brush.

The elastic wrist keeps your gloves snugly in place and protects your hands from dirt and debris sneaking inside. The padded palm makes all yard work more comfortable. These gloves are perfect for tasks involving hand tools or machinery.

Sizes Available: Large

Colors Available: Tan/Black

Miracle-Gro Women’s Synthetic Leather Garden Gloves

Women often find unisex garden gloves to be too bulky and cumbersome to do work with. These gloves from Miracle-Gro are made especially for the ladies. Ready to protect your hands during any gardening project from planting, to weeding, to harvest, these attractive garden gloves feature a brown synthetic leather palm and attractive feminine color options. The fingertip features conductive thread making them touchscreen capable which allows you to uses your iPhone or iPad without taking the gloves off.

The spandex backing is breathable, making it comfortable to wear these gloves for long work sessions. To keep out dirt and debris, use the adjustable wrist hook and loop. These gloves are perfect for vegetable gardeners or working in your flower garden.

Sizes Available: Small/Medium, Medium/Large

Colors Available: Orange, Blue

Digz Signature Garden Gloves

Digz gloves are very popular among gardeners for their comfortable design and afforable price point. For tech savvy gardeners, they now offer touchscreen compatible garden gloves so you can use your smartphone or tablet while you pull weeds or plant new seedlings. The unisex design of their Signature Garden Gloves make them great for men or women.

The design features touchscreen compatible fingertips and a polyurethane palm to protect your hands and give you a firm grip, whether you’re using a shovel or tweeting a picture of your beautiful flowers. The back of the gloves is a soft and fashionable mesh material that makes the gloves breathable and keeps your hands from overheating. The velcro wrist strap keeps your gloves firmly on and keeps dirt and debris out. This is a great option for casual gardeners and heavier yard work as well.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large

Colors Available: Green/Red, Brown

Digz Rose Picker Touchscreen Garden Glove

All the gloves we’ve featured so far are perfect for general gardening or yard work, but if you have roses in your garden, you know these gloves just won’t do. Luckily Digz has you covered with their gloves for rose gardeners. These stylish gloves are heavy duty for general yardwork, but also feature an extended cuff to protect your arm from thorns and prickly plants. The end of the cuff features an adjustable strap to hold the gloves firmly in place and keep out debris and dirt. The reinforced fingertips and palms protect your hands and provide durability.

What sets these gloves apart from other rose gloves is the touchscreen compatible fingertips. These gloves will work with your smartphone or tablet so you don’t have to take your gloves off to take a call, change your music, or look up gardening tips online.

Sizes: Medium, Large

Whether you’re planting flowers or tilling the soil for your new vegetable garden, these gloves will protect your hands and keep them clean while keeping you connected. Now you don’t need to take off your gardening gloves to uses your phone or other touchscreen devices. Make a to do list, send a text message, or answer an email and then get back to work without having to stop and remove your gloves.

Doing landscaping and other heavier yard work? No worries. These gloves feature protective padding, and real leather or faux-leather palms so you can use hand tools and heavy machinery all day with full protection and no hand fatigue.

Now that you have the perfect touchscreen gardening gloves selected, up your gardening game with articles on Better Gardener’s Guide.