8 Tricks to Keep Your Hands Warm in Freezing Weather

Tricks to Keep Your Hands Warm on Freezing Cold Days

While most of the time you can just put on a nice pair of gloves and keep your hands toasty warm in chilly weather when the frigid cold of winter comes in your fingers can get cold pretty quick. If your day requires you to be outside in the cold for long lengths of time, either to exercise, run, or commute, you know how quickly your hands and fingers can get cold. These tips will help your hands stay warm in the worst winter weather.

Tricks to Keep Your Hands Warm

1. Layer Your Gloves

Just like how you put layers on your body before you venture out into the cold, layers on your hands help keep your fingers warmer. Wear a thin set of liners underneath your heavy duty winter gloves and your fingers won’t get cold in below freezing temperatures. These liners can also be used under work gloves or gardening gloves when you have to work outdoors in cold weather.

2. Pick Mittens

Mittens to Keep Hands Warm in Cold
While you may think of little kids when you think of mittens, they’re actually a warmer choice for adults too. When you wear mittens, your fingers hang out together and keep each other warm by reducing evaporative heat loss that can happen with regular gloves. You can combine a glove liner with mittens for extra warmth.

3. Put Your Gloves on Inside

This may seem like an obvious tip, but I see so many people going outside in the cold Chicago winter and slipping on their gloves in sub-freezing temperatures. Just like you put on your scarf and zip up your coat before you go outdoors, make sure you put your gloves on as well. This will help “lock in” the warmer temperature your hands are inside and it will take longer for the wind to chill you. The more you can avoid exposing your skin to cold temperatures the longer you can avoid feeling cold.

4. Get Your Body Moving

Move Your Body to Stay Warm
If you aren’t already outside to exercise or work, don’t just stand around shivering. Getting your body temperature up by exercising will also increase the temperature of your hands and feet. Jump around, take a run, do something to make yourself warmer. Even if you’re stuck at the station waiting for your morning train, pacing the platform will keep you warmer than just standing there.

5. Take a Hot Beverage with You

This a great tip, especially for commuters. Bring your favorite hot drink with you in a to-go cup. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate–whatever you enjoy. Sipping from this while you’re outside will help warm up your body and keep your hands warmer. If the cup you’re using isn’t insulated, you can wrap your gloved fingers around it like a mini heater.

6. Use Handwarmers

If you’re frequently working outside in cold weather or live in a very cold climate, you may need a little extra heat to keep your hands warm. There are a variety of handwarmer options available including disposable hand warmers and USB rechargeable units. Wait until your hands start to feel cold to use them.

7. Keep Your Core Warm

The reason your hands and feet are usually the first part of your body to get cold is because of the way your body is programmed. When temperatures drop, your body prioritizes warming your vital organs to the expense of your extremities. If your body stays warmer longer, your hands will stay warmer too. Make sure you layer up under your coat. Take advantage of sweaters and long underwear.

8. Don’t Leave Your Wrist (or Other Body Parts) Exposed

Keep Your Skin Covered to Stay Warm
Any exposed skin is a vulnerability. If your wrist is cold, your hands will be quick to follow. When you’re shopping for winter gloves, look for pairs with long, fitted wrists. When you put them on, make sure the wrist of the glove is securely inside your coat sleeves. (Seeking out winter coats with elastic wrists can help as well.) Make sure you’re wearing a hat to prevent heat loss through the head. Your hat should be thick and cover the ears as well. The neck should be wrapped tightly in a scarf or other warming neckwear.

If you’re on the search for gloves to keep you warm in winter check out these super warm touchscreen ski gloves.

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8 Tricks to Keep Hands Warm in Cold Weather