5 Best Convertible Texting Mittens for Smartphones

If you’re frustrated by how poorly touchscreen gloves work or how they stop working after a while, texting mittens are a great alternative. Combining the best of both worlds, these are fingerless gloves with a removable cover that turns them into mittens. It allows you to use your bare fingertips on your device and then cover them up to keep your hands and fingers warm. They’re great for sports, hunting, and even casual wear. If you’re frustrated by the touchscreen gloves you’ve tried, give these awesome texting mittens a try.

Best Texting Mittens & Convertible Gloves

1. ViGrace Knitted Convertible Texting Mittens

This is a great pair of knitted convertible gloves for casual wear. These knitted gloves are stylish, comfortable, and warm thanks to the acrylic/wool blend. Wear like a mitten to keep your fingers warm, or pull down the flap for full access of your four fingertips. Use your phone easily and keep a steady grip on it thanks to the anti-slip patch on each palm.

The unisex design is great for men and women, with more color options than other gloves.

Colors: Beige, Gray, Black/White, Dark Gray, Khaki, Light Gray, Navy Blue, Rose Red

Sizes: Medium, Large

2. TrailHeads Power Stretch Convertible Mittens

Designed with sports in mind, these convertible gloves are warm and snug fitting to keep your hands warm while running, biking, or enjoying other outdoor activities in cold weather. When you need access to your touchscreen devices, like a smartwatch or phone, flip back the mitten top and tuck it in the storage pocket. These gloves also feature a thumb flap so you can text with ease. Reflective accents also give you more visibility when running in the early morning or evening.

Colors: Black

Sizes: Small/Medium, Medium/Large

3. C9 Champion Women’s Flip Top Mitten & Fingerless Glove

Another option that gives you the best of both worlds, these lightweight hybrid gloves are perfect for sports and other outdoor activities. It’s designed with a convertible flap that easily flips back to reveal fingerless gloves. Duo Dry Technology wicks away moisture so your hands stay dry no matter how sweaty you get. Wear for running, cycling, hiking, commuting, or going to the grocery store.

Colors: Black, Gray

Sizes: Women’s One Side

Turtle Gloves Convertible Running Mittens

If you’re looking for convertible fingerless gloves that are great for sports but a little heavier duty than the others, Turtle Glove makes a cozy midweight option. The design on these convertible texting mittens is different from competitors–instead of a separate thumb flap, there is one piece that flips back to reveal all the fingers at once. That means your hands stay warmer and there’s less of a chance of a gap exposing your skin to the cold.

Great for all types of outdoor activities, like running, hiking, and snowboarding.

Colors: Black

Sizes: Small

Extremus Touchscreen Convertible Mittens

If your outdoor activities are more extreme or involve more outdoor time in cold weather. Extremus makes a convertible glove that’s perfect for you. Water-resistant and windproof, these gloves feature four layers to keep your hands toasty warm. Plus they’re fleece lined with 3M Thinsulate, so they’re soft and wick moisture away from your skin. They’ve designed these gloves with activities like hunting and ice fishing in mind, with an anti-slip palm and protection pads on the parts of your hands that can be rubbed by equipment. When you need to use your phone, just pull back the flap. It even has a thumb flap for easier texting.

Colors: Gray, Camo Print

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

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