Women’s Touch Screen Driving Gloves

Women's Touch Screen Driving GlovesCommuting and driving can be a pain during the winter. Snowy conditions make driving difficult and require your full focus on the road to stay safe. With all that snow comes cold temperatures. Cold temperatures mean cold fingers and in some climates, wearing gloves while driving is not optional. But as new cars feature touch screen systems and stereos, and people rely on their smartphones and GPS systems to get around, it is essential to be able to stay connected. Touch screen compatible gloves are essential to safely drive, operate your touch screen devices, and keep your hands warm. For ladies who commute and drive often in cold climates, there are many fashionable, affordable, and warm driving glove options available. In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best women’s touch screen driving gloves available.

Many driving gloves are made from leather because it’s warm and durable. Since many drivers prefer non-leather options, we’ve found a variety of different types of gloves made from many materials. These gloves are all warm and feature good grips and designs that make driving easy and safe. They’re also all touchscreen friendly capacitive gloves, which will keep you connected while you drive. But don’t worry. We also found some stylish options that look great, so you’ll still be fashionable once you get out of your car and head to the office or a holiday party. Check out our recommendations below.

We also have an article on men’s touch screen driving gloves.

Women’s Touch Screen Driving Gloves

Warmen Nappa Leather Touch Screen Driving Gloves

Warmen Nappa Leather Touch Screen Driving GlovesIf you’re looking for luxurious driving gloves that will keep you warm and connected, you will love these gloves from Warmen. Made from gorgeous nappa leather, they feature precision touch compatibility making texting and other tech activities as easy as using your own bare skin. The gloves feature a fashionable three button cuff and pleat design at the wrist that sets them apart from other utilitarian looking driving gloves. The design and quality leather make these gloves look much more expensive than their reasonable price tag.

Each pair of gloves features a super soft 100% cashmere lining, which adds extra comfort and warmth to these luxurious gloves. With seven color options, you’re sure to find something that matches your favorite winter coat.

Professional cleaning only. Comes in a gift box, making this a great birthday or Christmas present.

Sizes: 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 (US Standard Sizes)

Available Colors: Burgundy, Dark Brown, Dark Navy, Gray, Saddle, Violet (looks burgundy), Black

Note: Some of the options on Amazon are not touch screen compatible, so when you select your color, make sure it says “touchscreen function.”

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Women’s Knit Driving & Texting Gloves

Women's Knit Driving & Texting GlovesIf you don’t like leather gloves or are on a budget, these women’s touch screen driving gloves from Fireflyhome are a great option. These knit gloves are warm and comfortable, but not too thick. You can easily drive a card while wearing them and operate touchscreen gloves with the two finger capacitative touch on the index and thumb fingers. The fabric is also very breathable so your hands won’t get hot and sweaty during prolonged used.

Soft faux fur is featured lining the wrist. The bow detail at the wrist adds a bit of femininity and fashion to these affordable texting gloves. The black and gray colors feature three different bow styles, so you can pick the best one for you. These gloves also make a great gift for teens just learning to drive.

One size fits most. The gloves are stretchy to accommodate most hand sizes.

Available Colors: black, gray, red

GSG Women’s Leather Driving Gloves

GSG Women's Leather Driving GlovesThese gloves are a luxurious option to keep your hands warm and keep you connected to your touch screen device while you drive. GSG’s women’s touch screen driving gloves are made of 100% genuine sheepskin leather. This leather is imported from Spain, and is a very supple and smooth material that feels great on the hand and allows for a good grip while driving. The gloves are thick and warm, but not bulky so you can keep a comfortable grip on your device as well.

Their smartphone gloves feature tech tips on the thumb and pointer fingers, so you can easily text or operate your car’s GPS without removing your gloves. These leather driving gloves are great for chilly winter morning commutes. GSG has been in business since 1992, so you know you can trust their design and quality. The pleat cuff is a beautiful original GSG design, and their gloves are handmade and hand stitched. These elegant gloves are great for commuting, going to the office, or heading out to a holiday party.

Sizes: 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5

Available Colors: Black, Bordeaux, Brown

When you order, make sure you pay attention to the color name. Some are not touch screen compatible.

Warmen’s Faux Leather Driving Glove

Warmen's Faux Leather Driving GloveIf you’re looking for a less feminine style, Warmen offers a classic style driving glove for women. This is also a great option for vegans as it is made from faux leather. The stretchy faux leather gives a comfortable fit and keeps you extra warm thanks to a thermal fleece lining. These gloves are great for driving and are stylish enough to be worn around town during chilly fall and winter months.

These gloves also feature touch screen compatibility, so you can operate a variety of devices. It’s compatible with smartphones, tablets, GPS systems, ATMs, kiosk screens, and any other touch screen device. Just like any Warmen gloves, you can buy them expecting their same great quality and craftsmanship, whether leather or faux leather gloves. Unfortunately, this design is only available in one color, but there are plenty of size options.

Sizes: 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5

Available Colors: black

D. King Women’s Touch Screen Driving Gloves

D. King Women's Touch Screen Driving GlovesIf you’re looking for another faux leather option that is a little on the “cuter” side, check out these gloves from D. King. A great option for teen girls who’ve just gotten their license or first car, these gloves are also a stylish choice for women who enjoy cute bow designs. Made from faux leather outside, inside the gloves feature a soft plush lining that is snug and keeps your hands warm.

These gloves are touch screen compatible, great for texting or checking email or social networking without your hands getting cold. Unfortunately, this design is only available in one size (measurements below), but there are three stylish color options to match any winter coat or wardrobe. These gloves make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Sizes: One size, Hand circumference: 18cm (7″), Length: 23cm (9″)

Available Colors: Black, Purple, Red

Still haven’t found the gloves you’re looking for? These leather touch screen gloves for women may be what you’re looking for. We also have stylish touch screen gloves for women. If you’re looking for gloves that are super warm, consider theseIsotoner Smartphone Gloves for Women. Check out bright colored smartphone gloves to add some cheer and fun to your winter wardrobe.