How do Touch Screen Gloves Work?

How do Touchscreen Gloves Work?

As we’ve moved into the era of smartphones, many consumers have had the disappointing experience of pulling their phone out during the bitter cold of winter and not be able to send a text message or answer a call while wearing their gloves.

How is it that some gloves work with tech phone like iPhones, but others seem completely useless? You will learn about the different types of texting gloves and how they work with touch screen devices when regular gloves fail.

Why don’t regular gloves work with smartphones?

Touch screens are made of two different kinds of technology, resistive (using the force of touch) and capacitive (using actual touch). Smartphones available to consumers today use capacitive touch, so it registers touch by measuring fluctuations on the screen’s electrical field. Your finger touches the screen and draws an electrical current and the screen registers your touch. A glove or other type of fabric touches the screen and no electrical current can pass through, so the device does not register the touch.

In order to use your touch screen phone, iPod, or even an ATM, you either have to take your gloves off and use your naked finger or wear special tech gloves that are conductive and compatible with touch devices.

If you already own a pair of gloves that you love, there are ways to gloves touchscreen compatible.

What are the different types of touch screen gloves?

There are a few different options if you’re looking to buy tech gloves. You’ll want to take into consideration factors like cost, capabilities, and what types of touch screen devices you use outdoors.

Fingertip Tech Gloves

Many smartphone gloves are made of normal material and then constructed with special conductive material on the fingertips that is compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

These fingertip gloves are often more affordable, coming in a variety of styles and materials perfect for all types of climates. You should consider these gloves if you only do small amounts of texting or checking email while outside in winter.

Isotoners Chevron Women’s Gloves (pictured right) are an example of fingertip tech gloves. They feature special tech compatible tips that work with smartphones.

Full Glove Knitted Touch Screen Gloves

agloves-iphoneSome knitted tech gloves are made using conductive threads, often featuring metals like silver or copper, meaning the entire glove works with touch screens. Instead of being limited to a few fingertips, you can use your pinky, the back of your knuckle, or even your palm on your smartphone.

If you opt for full glove knitted tech gloves you will have less options for style, but should be able to find an affordable pair. Since the whole glove is conductive, they’re perfect for people who use iPhones and tablets outdoors who many need to use more fingers for complex gestures.

Agloves Touch Screen Gloves (pictured left) are an example of full glove touch screen gloves. They feature full glove conductive threads, allowing for unlimited gestures on your touch screen device.

Full Glove Leather Smartphone Gloves

elma-womens-leather-gloveIf you’re looking for a more stylish and luxurious tech glove option, leather gloves may be your pick. Made of genuine leather that is treated to be conductive, so they are compatible with touch screens. More expensive gloves will have full-glove compatibility, while some pairs may only feature fingertip compatibility, so make sure you read the fine print when you’re shopping.

Leather touch screen gloves make a fantastic holiday gift and are a great choice for working professionals, bikers, and the fashion-conscious. Since there are so many options, you’re sure to find the right glove to match your needs, though finding cheaper leather gloves that are genuine and good quality will be a challenge.

Elma Women’s Nappa Leather Texting Gloves (pictured right) are an example of touch screen leather gloves.