5 Best Kid’s Touchscreen Gloves

Kid's Touchscreen GlovesWhen cold winter weather rolls in, many kids are not deterred by the cooler temperatures. They still want to go outside and ride their bike, play with friends, and once snow falls–just try to keep them indoors. Unfortunately, most kids aren’t the best at wearing gloves, especially when they prevent them from using their favorite touchscreen devices. Now you can keep your child’s fingers and hands warm while letting them stay connected and use smartphones to keep in touch with you. We’ve rounded up the best kid’s touchscreen gloves available, including heavy-duty winter gloves and lightweight knit gloves for cooler fall weather.

Even if your kid doesn’t have a smartphone, there are plenty of touchscreen devices used by children like tablets, smartwatches for kids, GPS tracking watches for kids, and action cameras for kids.

Kid’s Touchscreen Gloves

The North Face Youth Denali Etip Glove

The quality and warmth of touchscreen-compatible North Face gloves are available in children’s sizes. The Youth Denali Etip Gloves are made of warm fleece to keep hands toasty during cold weather and outdoor activities. The palm features UR Powered Fleece that allows for five-finger touchscreen capability. Your kid can easily go between skiing, riding their bikes, or hiking to playing Pokemon Go or sending a text on their smartphone. The silicone gripper textured palm helps them keep a firm grip on any touchscreen device.

Warm and comfortable, these youth-sized touchscreen gloves for kids are a great choice for active outdoorsy children. With three different sizes and 7 different color sizes, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of gloves for boys or girls. These gloves are compatible with smartphones, tablets, action cameras, and other touch screen devices.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Available Colors: gray, blue, purple, black

The North Face Denali Etips gloves are also available in women’s and men’s sizes.

Burton Youth Vent Tech Gloves

If your child is an active youth who loves outdoor sports and adventures, then these kid’s touchscreen gloves from Burton are a great choice. These toasty gloves feature a two-layer shell with a waterproof Dryride membrane, making them perfect for snowball fights or skiing. The Thermacore insulation keeps hands warm against cold temperatures and winds. These gloves all feature a ventilating pocket to help cool hands when they’re too warm. You can also use the pocket to insert a hand warmer on extra chilly days.

In addition to being warm and versatile, these gloves will also keep your kids connected. The tough grip palm helps them keep a firm hold on their devices, while also being touchscreen compatible. Your kids can take selfies on the ski slope or text you after an awesome day of sledding.

Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Available Colors: Figaro Stripe, Black, Burner Sloppy Stripe, Glacier Beach Stripe, Super Pink, Tiger Camo

Head Kid’s Touchscreen Gloves

If your kid’s outdoor activities don’t involve winter sports, then these texting gloves from Head may be the right choice for your child. Designed for runners, these soft fleece gloves are stretchy and warm. They’re perfect for late fall and early spring soccer practice or riding a bike on a chilly day, but they are not waterproof so no snowball fights!

The fingers feature touchscreen-compatible fabric so they can use their tablet or smartphone without taking the gloves off. The palm features a silicone grip to easily keep expensive devices in hand. These are a great all-around outdoor option for comfort, warmth, and staying connected.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Available Colors: Violet, Black

Pulais Kids’ Tech Gloves

If you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable option for kid’s touchscreen gloves, check out these knit gloves. Sold in packs of two, these are a comfortable option for light outdoor activities in the fall and warmer winter weather. The soft knit is very comfortable and stretches to fit most children’s hands. The thumb and pointer finger feature Under Armour’s Tech Touch print, allowing your kids to use their touchscreen devices, like smartphones or iPads, without taking the gloves off.

The 2 packs are great because you have an extra set of gloves on hand in case your kids lose one. They’re also the perfect compact size to keep in a purse or backpack for when the weather turns chilly. These make great stocking stuffers for all of the kids in the family.

Sizes: One Youth Size

Available Colors: Gray, Blue

Handylandy Kids Outdoor Sports Gloves

This is an awesome pair of smartphone-compatible gloves for children and teens. With sizing that ranges from two to 14 years old, these spot gloves are great for active youth. Perfect for cycling or wearing during sports practice, they’ll still be able to use touchscreen devices without taking the gloves off.

These lightweight gloves are cotton with a warm fleece lining. The conductive fabric on the thumb and index finger makes them compatible with smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. The reinforced palm patch makes it easy to keep a good grip on devices and handlebars.

Sizes: Extra Small (2-4 years), Small (5-6 years), Medium (7-9 years), Large (10-14 years)

Available Colors: Neon

If you’re looking for touchscreen gloves that are more fun than utilitarian, check out these cute texting gloves for teens or these camo touchscreen gloves.