Best Touchscreen Gloves for Gardening and Landscaping

Best Touchscreen Gloves for Gardening  & Landscaping
This is one of those items that you don’t realize you need it until you find out it exists. It’s a perfect combination: gardening gloves and touchscreen compatibility. It’s such a hassle when you’re working in your yard and your cell phone buzzes and you have to take off your gloves to answer it. Add some simplicity to your life and your workflow with these touchscreen work gloves made specifically for gardening and landscaping.

Garden Works SmartGrip Work Gloves
smartgrip garden touchscreen glovesGo from gardening, to yard work, to texting without taking these gloves off once. Smart Grip’s Garden Works gloves are just like their Sun Grips Garden gloves, but include smartphone touch compatibility with their durable and comfortable garden gloves.

Made from a breathable nylon shell, the fingertips include carbon fibers that work on touch screen devices like smartphones and tablets. Swipe, tap, and text with ease while wearing these landscaping gloves. The grip on the palm makes sure your devices stay safely in hand. These durable gloves are machine washable and perfect to help protect your green thumb while keeping you connected.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Colors Available: Red.

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Scotts Hi-Dex Landscaping Touchscreen Gloves
scotts hi dex gardening tech glovesIf you’re looking for the best gloves for yard work, you should consider the Scotts Hi-Dex Gloves. These touch compatible gloves are made from synthetic leather black grip palm with two finger technology so you can use your touchscreen devices without taking them off. The form-fitting spandex tan back makes them comfortable for long wear periods.

The elastic wrist keeps your gloves snugly in place, and protects your hands from dirt and debris sneaking inside. The padded palm makes all yard work more comfortable. These gloves are perfect for tasks involving hand tools or machinery.

Sizes Available: Large

Colors Available: Tan/Black

Miracle-Gro Women’s Hi-Dex Tech Garden Gloves
ladies miracle-gro garden touchscreen glovesWomen often find unisex garden gloves to be too bulky and cumbersome to do work with. These gloves from Miracle-Gro are made especially for the ladies. Reading to protect your hands during any gardening project, from planting, to weeding, to harvest, these attractive garden gloves feature a tan goatskin leather palm and an attractive floral print. The flower fingertip is touchscreen capable, allowing you to uses your iPhone or iPad without taking the gloves off.

The spandex backing is breathable, making it comfortable to wear these gloves for long work sessions. To keep out dirt and debris, use the adjustable wrist hook and loop.

Sizes Available: Small/Medium, Medium/Large

Colors Available: Tan/Floral Print

Miracle-Pro Women’s Hi-Dex Garden Touchscreen Glove
miracle-gro garden texting glovesIf the flower print is too girly for you, or you’re looking for an animal-friendly alternative, these gloves from Miracle-Gro offer the same benefits in a different design. The synthetic leather palm helps you keep a firm grip on your garden tools or your smartphone. It’s padded for comfortable work all day, and the reinforced knuckles protect you from injury when landscaping or taking on heavy duty projects.

The index finger features a touchscreen compatible flower. Breathable spandex ensures your hands won’t get sweaty, so you can keep these gloves on to work, plant flowers, or send an email.

Sizes Available: Small/Medium, Medium/Large

Colors Available: Tan/Purple

Women’s Miracle Gro Hi-Dex Tech Touch Gloves
womens miracle gro orange texting glovesIf you’re looking for some bright garden gloves, try these Hi-Dex ladies gloves from Miracle Gro. This is another animal-friendly option, as the gloves are made with a synthetic-leather palm foor a good grip. The fingertips feature touch screen combatible flowers to keep you connected with your phone while you garden. These gloves are comfortable for all day work, protecting your hands with the faux-leather while the breathable spandex stretches to comfortably fit your hands.

The shirred elastic wrist keeps the gloves firmly in place while keeping out dirt.

Sizes Available: Small/Medium, Medium/Large

Colors Available: Orange/Tan

Whether you’re planting flowers or tilling the soil for your new vegetable garden, these gloves will protect your hands and keep them clean while keeping you connected. Now you don’t need to take off your gardening gloves to uses your phone or other touchscreen devices. Make a to do list, send a text message, or answer an email and then get back to work without having to stop and remove your gloves.

Doing landscaping and other heavier yard work? No worries. These gloves feature protective padding, and real leather or faux-leather palms so you can use hand tools and heavy machinery all day with full protection and no hand fatigue.

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