Cute Texting Gloves for Teens

Today’s teens are addicted to their smartphones in the same way that the older generation spent hours tieing up the landlines chatting with their friends. Now teens are always on their phones, tapping out text messages or sending Snapchats to their friends. For many, this addiction prevents teenagers from using common sense, letting their fingers and hands freeze during the winter. This problem is solved with a pair of cute and fun texting gloves for teens. Great for girls or boys, these gloves are fashionable and warm, but also keep your teenager connected with their capacitative touch compatibility. They’ll keep your teen connected to their friends without freezing their fingers off.

Some of these gloves are sized to fit preteens or even kids. They’re affordable and make great stocking stuffers or White Elephant gifts. Check out our recommendations below.

Cute and Fun Texting Gloves for Teens

Danibos Skeleton Hands Touch Screen Gloves

Skeleton Hand Texting Glvoes for TeensPerfect for kids, teenagers, and fun-loving adults, these warm and playful gloves feature skeleton hands on the back. Made from a knit wool felt, it features three-finger touch screen compatible tips on the thumb, index and middle finger. Perfect for texting, browsing the web on your smart phone, or using your GPS.

At an affordable price, these gloves make a great stocking stuffer for the teen in your life. Colors: Red on Black, White on Black (pictured), White on Pink. One size fits all.

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Black and White Pistol Touch Screen Gloves

Pistol Touchscreen GlovesFor a playful teen or fans of westerns, Boss Tech Products makes these black and white gloves with pistols on the back. These gloves will keep you warm while commuting, texting, or playing cops and robbers with your friends.

For all your tech needs, these gloves feature 3 conductive finger tips on each hand for ease of use with iPhones, iPads, and Android phones in cold winter weather.

Makes a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift.

One size fits all.

Camo Touch Screen Knit Gloves

Camo Texting Gloves for TeensAnother stylish texting glove option is Boss Tech Products’ camouflage print gloves. These teen-friendly tech gloves come in traditional green, black and white, and pink camo print. They feature 3 finger conductive tips (thumb, pointer, and middle finger) compatible with touch screen phones, ATMs, and eReaders.

These trendy print gloves make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the teenagers and pre-teens in your life, to keep their hands toasty while they text their friends.

Check out more camo touch screen gloves available for men, women, and teens.

Pink Smiley Face Texting Gloves

pinky-smiley-glovesFor teen girls (and guys) who love the color pink, these are the perfect smartphone gloves. These cute pink knit gloves, feature smiley face emojis on each of the three conductive finger tips (thumb, pointer, and middle finger).

Keeping hands and fingers toasty warm in cold winter weather, teenagers can text their friends, tweet, and Instagram while wearing these gloves.

Compatible with cell phones, touch screen kiosks, ATMs, tablets, and other devices.

One size fits most.

Check out more bright color smartphone gloves.

Cat or Rabbit Pink Texting Gloves

pink-cat-texting-glovesPerfect for girls, preteens, and animal lovers, these touch screen compatible gloves feature cartoon cats or rabbits on the back of the hand. Made from soft microfiber, these gloves are warm and comfortable, protecting your hands from the cold winter weather while making a cute fashion statement. These adorable texting gloves feature touch screen compatible tips on 3 fingers (thumb, pointer, and middle).

Comes in pink cat (pictured), hot pink rabbit, and khaki rabbit. These gloves make a perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

One size fits most.

If you’re still on the search for gloves for your teen, check out these youth-sized kid’s touchscreen gloves.

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