Best Leather Touch Screen Gloves for 2017

If you’re looking for a stylish option to keep your hands warm this winter, leather touch screen gloves are a great alternative to the utilitarian style of most smartphone gloves.

Most Luxurious Leather Touch Screen Gloves Women’s Leather Lined Touch Screen Glove

glovely-womens-leatherThese beautiful gloves are made from sheepskin leather, treated with Invisitouch. That means the entire glove can be used on your touch screen device or phone. The interior cashmere lining keeps your hands warm and comfortable. The care label of the gloves is made of microfiber, so you can clean smudges off your iPhone screen. Thanks to’s proprietary Maglove magnet technology, your gloves will stick together so you don’t lose one of your beautiful leather gloves.

Comes in black and brown and is also available for men.

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Men’s Classic Touch Screen Texting Leather Driving Gloves

warmen-leather-driving-gloveRecommended for motorcycle riding in winter, Warmen’s Nappa leather gloves are a sleek and sophisticated option for any man. These black leather gloves come with entire hand touchscreen sensitivity or just the fingertips. Made from supple Nappa leather and lined with warm, soft fleece, these gloves are perfect for driving or looking dashing in with your suit during your commute to the office. The lambskin leather is impregnated with conductive material, allowing for nuanced control and accuracy of gestures, swipes and typing on touch screen phones, GPS, and other devices.

A similar style leather glove is available for women.

Vetelli Men’s Black Leather Gloves with Touchscreen Technology

vetelli-leather-gloveThese luxury black gloves are made from genuine soft sheepskin with a warm and comfortable wool lining. The lining is thin, allowing for great dexterity for texting and picking up small objects. These Vetelli gloves feature whole palm touch screen technology for easy use of Android phones, iPads, ATMs and other devices.

Keep your hands warm while driving or commuting and use your smartphone with ease. This is a sophisticated alternative to utilitarian touch screen gloves.

Comes in Small, Medium, and Large.

Elma Women’s Touch Screen Italian Nappa Leather Gloves

elma-womens-leather-gloveFor fashion-conscious women, Elma offers a luxurious a stylish Nappa leather glove in 8 different colors. Made from Italian leather lambskin, these gloves are conductive for use with all touch screen devices. The lining is 100% pure Italian cashmere to keep your hands and fingers warm and toasty in cold winter weather.

These stylish gloves are perfect for texting, driving, or heading out to a holiday party.

Comes in Black, Saddle Yellow, Burgundy, Dark Navy, Violet, Brown, Grey, and Sand.

Luxury Men’s Touch Screen Italian Nappa Leather Gloves

elma-mens-leather-glovesFor the stylish gentleman in your life, Elma also makes a luxurious leather glove. These Italian Nappa leather gloves are integrated with nanotechnology to be compatible with touch screen devices like smartphones.

Insulated with a plush cashmere lining, Elma’s gloves are warm and comfortable to wear while driving, commuting, or otherwise enjoying the chilly winter season. The non-slip palm makes it easy to keep a grip on your phone while texting or checking email.

Comes in Black, Navy, and Brown.

If you’re looking for a breakdown of the best leather gloves by gender, check out the best touchscreen leather gloves for men and smartphone leather gloves for women.

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